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School of Love

Make your relationship rock

'Crisis is your biggest opportunity for a breakthrough, not a break-up'

School of Love

Welcome to the School of Love

We’re here to help you learn the most important lesson of all:
how to build thriving relationships that last.

I'm Emanuela

A highly sought-after relationship expert, 

bestseller author and couples counselor,

dedicated to helping you get that relationship

in which you feel alive, connected and appreciated.

Love is not something that “happens” – it’s a skilll

Perhaps you recognize this:
In the beginning, everything felt great and it was always wonderful to spend time together.
It was the two of you against the rest of the world. But over time, things changed.
Doubts started to arise.
You started wondering:

- Is this really the one I'm looking for?
- Shouldn't I feel different?
- shouldn't it be easier?

My short answer to that last question is: no. But there is good news too: love is not something that merely “happens” to you. It’s a skill. And building a relationship that continues to feel great and wonderful – even long after the honeymoon phase is over – is something you can learn. Right here.

School of Love

From falling in love to growing in love

Love is no longer a mystery – but it’s up to us to turn it into a mastery. At the School of Love, we are committed to teaching you everything you need to build lifelong, deep and meaningful relationships. We provide you with a set of skills, strategies and tools to permanently improve your love life. Whether you’ve been together for 1 month or 99 years, every relationship can blossom again and again. The real question is: are you willing to work for it? And are you ready to master the art of love?

Choose your love path

Love Quest

The Love Quest teaches you a simple 7-step method to guide you through the process of transforming your relationship. Whether you’re fresh together, on the verge of a breakup, or still struggling with a past relationship crisis, we help you build the relationship you most long for and deserve.
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Love Quest + Private therapy sessions

Embark on a 6-week deep dive into your relationship and get 6 private therapy sessions with Emanuela. 

Love Quest: ignite passion, connection and fun

Love Quest is a unique and powerful program that brings you closer to your loved one. You will get profound insights about your relationship and the dynamics between you and your partner. With the tools that Emanuela used to turn her own relationship around many years ago, you are going to revive your relationship –  regardless of its current status. Expect to create more intimacy, a deeper connection and boundless joy. Rather than overwhelming you with hours of teachings all at once, you'll experience short but impactful 5-10 minute sessions with Emanuela, every day, for 6 weeks – making it incredibly easy to fit into your daily schedule. And don’t worry; you will not go on this journey alone. You will join a private community with all other students on this quest. So as you progress, you can share your experiences and inspire each other while crafting your own extraordinary relationships. Your questions will be answered directly by Emanuela.

Love is a mastery, not a mystery